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Rewyndr aspires to be the best company FOR empowering frontline workers to safely succeed regardless of ability.


Knowledge trapped in photos is passed down generationally on who, what, why, when, and where, and details become lost with each hand-off. Rewyndr started to reverse these knowledge gaps. The founders of Rewyndr believed if one could curate/capture the knowledge data using the digital photo itself, it could preserve and unlock a new paradigm to eliminate knowledge gaps. Pivoting this to industrials, we discovered is disrupting onboarding, training, and upskilling of future workforces.


Digital learning advances have disrupted and even made obsolete, in some cases, how the human race now interacts with the world. These irreversible changes of the last decade, particularly for Gen Z, are now hitting every aspect of our economy, including skilled workforce needs. Rewyndr's patent-pending software is leading these global digital transformation shifts with its revolutionary interactive photo-centric, no-code Bottoms-Up SaaS mobile platform. We empower anyone to easily author powerful interactive visual work instructions that rapidly connect industrial workers to expert machine/job information and knack-knowledge previously lost or inaccessible in the moment of need.

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